Presentation Decks for the 2016 Fisher-Hopper/Landmark CIO Community Event

Landmark CIO Community Event & Fisher-Hopper Prize Award Ceremony

Driving Digital Disruption, Creating Business Value

29 September 2016 – University of California, Berkeley

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8:45 Keynote: Driving Digital Disruption,  Creating Business Value
The pressure on CIOs and business leaders to exploit digitalization will intensify during the next 3 years. This will engender many false starts and failures; success and enterprise value will be realized by developing new business and economic models, supported by different metrics and leading indicators.
Dale Kutnick (SVP Emeritus Distinguished Analyst, Gartner CIO Research Group)

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10:00 Keynote: The Future is Watching: What we saw & What we didn’t see
How two generations of CIOs evaluate(d) the future during their tenures; how many of these things are still with us, and what are the things they did not see coming…
DuWayne Peterson, former EVP & CIO of Merrill Lynch
Brad Peterson, CIO of NASDAQ

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1:15 KEYNOTE: Notes on Driving Digital Disruption
What it takes to foster enduring innovation and competitive advantage
Sheila Jordan, SVP & CIO, Symantec

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2:15 KEYNOTE: Harnessing the Power of Digital Disruption
While the world is moving forward at breakneck speed, the core beliefs wired into our brains often are not. A leader’s capacity to evolve their mindset and leadership ahead of the next ‘S-Curve’ will be a prerequisite for sustained digital-era success.
Graham Waller, Gartner Fellow, author of “The CIO Edge”

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3:30 KEYNOTE: The Paradox of Power
Dacher Keltner, Professor of Psychology, UC-Berkeley

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