The mission of the Institute for Business Innovation is to disseminate pioneering research on innovation, train students to be inventive and entrepreneurial leaders, and facilitate innovation in the start-up and corporate domains. Through conferences, forums, roundtables, and scholarly journals, we gather to examine the processes and capabilities essential for successful innovation. Through in class and online collaborative courses, experiential courses, and competitions, we train business students to start new ventures, design new business models, and create novel growth strategies for existing companies.  By forming collaborative partnerships among the academic, scientific, business, and financial communities, we strive to encourage and facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation considered essential for advancing economic and social prosperity.

To disseminate pioneering research, the Institute

  • organizes academic conferences and seminars that examine new and old paradigms in open innovation, entrepreneurship, information technology, dynamic capabilities, governance, and competitive strategy.
  • publishes the academic journal Industrial and Corporate Change, partnering with Oxford University Press
  • facilitates the process of grant applications to fund research

To educate the leaders of the future, the Institute and its centers offer

  • graduate and undergraduate courses in entrepreneurship, open innovation,  IT strategy and analytic decision modeling
  • experiential learning courses on innovation, including consulting projects in Haas@Work, and open innovation challenges in graduate and undergraduate courses
  • the Bay Area Innovation Corps, which is an educational program aimed at commercializing science and technology funded by the NSF
  • competitions for university-affiliated start-ups, social ventures from around the globe, and simulations of venture capitalist events
  • fellowships to support Ph. D students in Business and Public Policy
  • hosting of scholars that visit Berkeley to work with Institute faculty

To advance economic and social prosperity through the adoption of innovation, the Institute

  • sets up conferences that juxtapose the challenges faced by companies and start ups in real time with academic queries on open innovation and entrepreneurship
  • invites leading business actors to share the knowledge they have gained from starting new ventures,  innovating in existing corporations, and adapting business models, strategies and capabilities to constantly evolving markets, technologies and policies
  • nurtures an innovation ecosystem that helps translate scientific research into increased wellbeing. The ecosystem includes UC Berkeley, UC San Francisco and Stanford researchers, professional faculty and students, the SkyDeck incubator, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, venture capital and angel investors, and alumni mentors
  • facilitates partnerships between academia and industry to support research, explore new areas of academic inquiry, and maintain academic research connected to real world phenomena