Programs in Corporate Innovation

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Programs for Executives

The Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation offers a series of programs that enable forward thinking executives to create and develop innovative business ideas. The programs vary in duration and level of engagement to serve a variety of corporate and executive needs. Garwood’s Programs for Executives provide a unique opportunity to engage with respected executives and academics on new concepts in business model innovation, Open Innovation strategies and the application of startup models in a corporate context. Business executives interact with each other and with scholars to develop an in-depth understanding in Open Innovation. Each program offered at the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation creates a dynamic experience for business executives.

The center organizes the Berkeley Innovation Forum, a membership conference hosted by Open Innovation expert Dr. Henry Chesbrough that provides a platform for business leaders to create, exchange, and develop solutions to business challenges. The Chief Innovation Officers Roundtable is an intimate gathering of executives interested in implementation of open innovation and new business models, featuring distinguished guest speakers from some of the most respected companies. More recently, the center has developed the World Open Innovation Forum, which establishes relationships among academia and industry’s most recognized corporations. The Garwood Center also organizes the World Open Innovation Conference. The conference invites executives of innovative businesses and academic scholars to exchange ideas on innovation and suggest ideas on how to generate new business models. The Garwood center’s faculty director and Open Innovation expert Dr. Henry Chesbrough offers a unique executive education short course, Corporate Business Model Innovation: How to Identify New Sources of Growth. The course features distinguished guest speaker Steve Blank, who launched the Cust omer Development Process and Lean Startup methodologies.


World Open Innovation Conference

To be held December 13-15, 2016 in San Francisco, CA, The conference offers a unique setting to combine the latest in Open Innovation research with the open innovation practices of some of the world’s leading companies. Academic scholars have an opportunity to apply their research to current challenges and areas of development within company settings. Likewise, industry leaders can glean, learn, and apply Open Innovation research to their innovation strategy.  Click here to visit the conference website.

Programs for Students

At the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation, students have access to leading resources, including world-renowned academic staff, business executives, and multinational companies. The center offers courses that challenge and equip students to solve real life problems, and real world business issues by leveraging Open Innovation concepts. Each course offers fresh perspective, inspires curiosity, and promotes intellectual growth. Students have the opportunity to work alongside multinational companies, and engage with leading executives throughout their creative process. The skills developed in each of the Garwood courses give students a better understanding of current business models– an unparalleled opportunity to interact with industry leaders inside and outside the classroom setting.

Student Project Opportunities

Students are challenged to create innovative solutions for established business models. Students are divided into teams of five and are assigned to solve real-world problems for major corporations. Each group has an opportunity to present the company with an overview of the company’s financial position, the company’s strengths, and weaknesses. Teams formulate a plan to restructure or rethink a significant line of business. Students are then given the opportunity to present their work and receive feedback from leading executives.

Work with Advanced Technology and Leading Corporations

The Garwood Center offers students the opportunity to work with cutting-edge ideas, technology, and companies. For example, the undergraduate course, Open Innovation Leveraging IBM Watson, offers technical and business students access to the Watson Developer Cloud and the training to build a Watson-based app. These students will be among the first to have hands-on access to the cutting-edge Watson technology. The Garwood Center frequently adds new courses to take advantage of the latest ideas and technologies for innovation.


Open Innovation and Business Models (UGBA 190T.1)

Travel Study Course on Open Innovation (UGBA 191)

Open Innovation & Business Model Creation (EW290T-12)