Courses in Corporate Innovation

Berkeley-Haas students have many opportunities to learn about innovation through both core and elective coursework, applied innovation, and student activities such as clubs and conferences.  In the classroom, students explore innovation in entrepreneurship, emerging technologies, business models, and more. Recent courses focusing on innovation include:

  • Business Model Innovation & Entrepreneurial Strategy
  • Innovations in Healthcare
  • Innovation in Services & Business Models
  • Innovation Strategies for Emerging Technologies
  • Innovative & Creative Leadership in Entrepreneurial Environments
  • Failure, The Other “F” Word
  • The Lean Launchpad
  • Problem Finding, Problem Solving

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Courses in Entrepreneurship

Whether students are interested in an introduction to entrepreneurship, want to learn more about venture capital and financing, or launch their own company, Berkeley-Haas offers a wide range of courses.  The Lester Center collaborates with other programs at Haas and Centers across campus to offer entrepreneurship courses with a social and technical focus as well.  Courses cover popular entrepreneurship topics including:

  • General Entrepreneurship
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Venture Capital and Financing
  • Opportunity Recognition
  • Lean Launchpad

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Courses in Management and Technology

In recognition of the pervasive impact of technology on business, Berkeley-Haas emphasizes the study of technology through its curriculum and through a variety of special programs. Popular electives explore technology and its effects, including:

  • High Technology Marketing Management
  • Customer (and Business) Development in High-Tech Enterprise
  • Biotechnology
  • Managing Innovation and Change

Faculty members such as Professor Henry Chesbrough, who authored two leading books on innovation, are influential researchers in the area of technology and business.

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