Courses in Management & Technology
Fisher CIO Leadership Program

In recognition of the pervasive impact of technology on business, the Berkeley-Haas MBA program emphasizes the study of technology through its curriculum and through a variety of special programs. Popular electives explore technology and its effects, including:

  • High Technology Marketing Management
  • Customer (and Business) Development in High-Tech Enterprise
  • Biotechnology
  • Managing Innovation and Change

Faculty members such as Professor Henry Chesbrough, who authored two leading books on innovation, are influential researchers in the area of technology and business.

In addition, faculty members frequently invite local executives to be guest lecturers in their courses and to partner with them in research projects. Student groups host special events, such as the daylong Berkeley Nanotechnology Forum and annual >play Digital Media Conference, and organize career-oriented activities with local high-tech firms.

The proximity of Berkeley/Haas to Silicon Valley creates a natural connection to the high-tech community. Over a quarter of Haas MBA students pursue careers in the technology sector, across a wide variety of functional areas including finance, strategy/consulting, marketing, CSR, and entrepreneurship. An emphasis in technology provides you with a broad overview of the industry while complementing your specific career goals.

Recommended electives:

  • MBA 217 The Business of Social & Other Networks
  • MBA 247 Design & Development of Web Based Products and Services (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 290A Introduction to Management of Technology
  • MBA 290E Marketing for High-Tech Entrepreneurs
  • MBA 290K Innovation in Services & Business Models
  • MBA 290N Managing the New Product Development Process (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 290P Project Management Case Studies
  • MBA 290T Design and Evaluation of Development Technology
  • MBA 290T Topics in Open Innovation
  • MBA 295C Opportunity Recognition: Technology & Entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley
  • MBA 295T Start-up Lab (Applied Innovation course)
  • MBA 296 Ethics and Decision Making in Green Product Design

Speaker series:

  • MBA 294 Managing Internet & Digital Media Products
  • MBA 294 Topics in Technology

Helpful electives:

  • MBA 224A Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 231 Corporate Finance
  • MBA 236G Designing Financial Models that Work
  • MBA 248 Supply Chain Management
  • MBA 252 Negotiations & Conflict Resolution
  • MBA 254 Power and Politics in Organizations
  • MBA 257 Leadership
  • MBA 270 Business& Public Policy
  • MBA 277 Managing the Legal Environment of Business

(Please note that the elective courses listed above are not necessarily offered every semester or every year.)