Visiting Professor in Innovation

The Visiting Professor in Innovation is a new program at the Institute for Business Innovation whose purpose is to stimulate interest and promote research with Haas faculty on innovation issues. The program is funded by the Peter T. Jones Fund which is “…awarded to…visiting faculty at Berkeley whose studies and research embrace matters which impact global understanding and economic development at home and abroad…funds may also be used to support the work of faculty from abroad who are involved in joint research with Berkeley faculty on issues of international business and public policy.”



Visiting Professor in Innovation for 2016-2017
Professor Yona Rubinstein

Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Group, London School of Economics

Yona RubinsteinIn Fall 2016, Professor Yona Rubinstein inaugurates this program. His permanent home is the Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Group at the London School of Economics. He has published in the areas of entrepreneurship, labor market discrimination, racial inequality, and the economics of fear and people’s response to terrorism, among other subjects. Please click here for more information about Prof. Rubinstein.

As the inaugural Visiting Professor in Innovation at Haas’ Institute for Business Innovation, Prof. Rubinstein will collaborate in ongoing research with co-authors Andrew Rose and Ross Levine, present his work in the Management of Open Innovation Seminar on September 26, 2016, and teach an MBA class at Haas entitled Incentives and Strategies in Talent Management.

In the video posted here, Professor Rubinstein discusses the reasons why talent management in innovation activities represents a unique challenge; factors that explain the “missing women” in innovation; what should managers consider when managing innovators; and, how to change contracts to attract the best talent in innovation activities.