Open Innovation Seminar

This is a seminar featuring doctoral-level research in Open Innovation and is organized by Professor Henry Chesbrough. The seminar will meet from 11am to 12:30pm in C250 at the Haas School of Business every Monday. All those interested in Open Innovation are welcome to attend.

Speakers are:

Sept. 12: Frederic Le Roy (Garwood Center visiting scholar)

Sept. 19: Mathias Aaen Thuesen (Garwood Center visiting scholar)

Sept. 26: Yona Rubenstein (Visiting Professor of Innovation)

Oct. 3: Henry Chesbrough (Garwood Center Faculty Director)

Oct. 10: Wolfgang Sachsenhofer (Garwood Center visiting scholar)

Oct. 17: Ivanka Visnijc (to be confirmed) (Garwood Center visiting scholar)

Oct. 24: Max Senges from Google (IoT) (to be confirmed)

Oct. 31: Chiara De Marco (to be confirmed) (Garwood Center visiting scholar)

Nov. 7: Solomon Darwin (Garwood Center Executive Director)

Nov. 14: TBD

Nov. 21: TBD

Nov. 28: TBD