Spring 2008 Schedule
The Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis meets on Thursdays from 4:10 - 6:00 pm in room C325 Cheit Hall. Outside speakers normally meet with interested students from 3:00 - 3:45 pm in the IMIO Conference room located in room F402 (in the Faculty Wing of the Haas School).

Speaker Meeting Schedule: To schedule an appointment to meet with a speaker, contact Anita Stephens.
Title of Talk/Paper
January 24
Erik Snowberg
(Stanford GSB)

"Explaining the Favorite-Longshot Bias: Is it Risk-Love or Misperceptions?"

January 31
Steve Tadelis
(UCB - Haas)

"The Power of Shame and the Rationality of Trust"

February 7
Silke J.-Forbes
(UCSD Economics)
"Does Vertical Integration Affect Firm Performance? Evidence from the Airline Industry"
February 14
Bob Hall
(Stanford Econ.)

"The Incentives to Start New Companies: Evidence from Venture Capital"

February 21
Marco Ottaviani
(Kellogg Northwestern)
Search Agency [Hard copy of paper available only.]
February 28
Anna Levine
"Licensing and Scale Economies in the Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Industry"
March 6
Ben Hermalin
(UCB - Haas)

"Firm Value and Corporate Governance: Does the Former Determine the Latter?"

March 13
Glenn Ellison
(MIT Economics)
"Position Auctions with Consumer Search"
March 20
Phillip Leslie (Stanford GSB)
"Nearly Optimal Pricing for Multiproduct Firms"
March 27
April 2 *
Ray Fisman
(Columbia GSB)

"Exposure to Ideology and Distributional Preferences" (Paper not available).

[*Note: This talk will replace the seminar originally scheduled for Thursday, April 3rd. This talk will take place in room C210 from 2:30 - 4:00 PM].]

April 10

Jesse Shapiro
(Chicago GSB)

Competition and Diversity: Historical Evidence from U.S. Newspapers. [Hard copy of paper available only.]

April 17
Fiona Murray
(MIT Sloan)
"Learning to Live with Patents: Assessing the Dynamic Adaptation to the Law by the Scientific Community"
April 24
Mariano Tommasi
(Univ. de San Andres)
"How Do Political Institutions Work? Veto Players, Intertemporal Interactions, and Policy Adaptability"
May 1
Rui de Figueiredo
(UCB - Haas)
Skill and Luck in Hedge Fund "Diversification"
May 8
Richard Holden
(MIT Sloan)
"A Theory of Rule Development"

Copies of papers to be presented or related background reading will be available in Room F402, Haas School (Institute for Business Innovation); and in Room 611 Evans Hall (Department of Economics).

For information, contact Prof. Steven Tadelis ( or Anita Stephens, IMIO (