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Fall 2011 Schedule
The Oliver E. Williamson Seminar on Institutional Analysis meets on Thursdays from 4:10 - 6:00 pm in room C325 Cheit Hall. Outside speakers normally meet with interested students from 3:00 - 3:45 pm in the IBI Conference room located in room F402 (in the Faculty Wing of the Haas School).

To schedule an appointment to meet with a speaker, click here: Speaker Schedule
Title of Talk/Paper
September 1*
Mitch Hoffman
(Berkeley Econ.)

"Learning, Persistent Overconfidence, and the Impact of Training Contracts". [Paper available via hard copy only.]

*[Note: This session is jointly offered with Psychology and Economics.]

September 8
Ryan Bubb
(NYU Law School)

States, Law, and Property Rights in West Africa

September 15
Florian Ederer

Time to Decide: Information Search and Revelation in Groups

September 22
Sharat Raghavan
"The Terms that Bind: Founder Friendly Rights, Bargaining and Exits in Venture Capital Investments"
September 29
(Rosh Hashanah)


October 6
Amy Nguyen-Chyung
"How Entrepreneurial Do You Choose to Be? Talent, Risk Attitudes and Self-Selection into Different 'Levels' of Entrepreneurship"
October 13
Fred Finan
(Berkeley Econ.)

Strengthening State Capabilities: The Role of Financial Incentives in the call to Public Service

October 20*

Kei Kawai
(NYU Stern)

Auction Design and the Incentives to Invest: Evidence from Procurement Auctions

*[Note: This session is jointly offered with the IO seminar series.]

October 27*
Jidong Zhou
(NYU Stern)

Multiproduct Search

*[Note: This session is jointly offered with the IO seminar series.]

November 3

Yona Rubinstein

Using Federal Minimum Wages to Identify the Impact of Minimum Wages on Employment and Earnings Across the U.S. States

November 10
Paul Niehaus
(UCSD Econ)
Managing Self-Confidence: Theory and Experimental Evidence
November 17
Nick Bloom
(Stanford Econ)
The Impact of Competition on Management Quality: Evidence from Public Hospitals
November 24



December 1

Paul Oyer
(Stanford GSB)

Exploration for Human Capital: Theory and Evidence from the MBA Labor Market

December 8
Jason Snyder
(UCLA Anderson)
Reputations and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Dialysis Industry

Copies of papers to be presented or related background reading will be available in Room F402, Haas School (Institute for Business Innovation); and in Room 611 Evans Hall (Department of Economics).

For information, contact Prof. Noam Yucthman (yucthman@haas.berkeley.edu) or Penny Hennagir, IBI (hennagir@haas.berkeley.edu)