Tusher Initiative for the Management of
Intellectual Capital

The Tusher Initiative for the Management of Intellectual Capital engages in research, teaching, and outreach on management and policy issues surrounding intangible assets and firm competitiveness.  The intangible assets under study include:  intellectual property, knowhow, relational capital, brands, and corporate culture. The Tusher Initiative activities are animated by the recognition that in today’s global economy, competitive advantage no longer rests on tangible assets and financial capital, but on the ownership and astute management of difficult to imitate intangible assets and capabilities.

The main activities of the center include the following:

A.   Engaging in rigorous quantitative and qualitative research on:

  • Global strategic management of intellectual capital, including intellectual property
  • Development and evolution of best practices and dynamic capabilities

B.   Working in management and policy issues, including:

  • Disseminating research findings through the Center website and newsletter
  • Hosting conferences and distinguished lectures
  • Co-developing case studies with executives and policy makers

C.   Building a knowledge base to provide researchers and professors with new theoretical frameworks for analysis, including:

  • Publishing peer-reviewed journal articles
  • Book projects
  • Writing and distributing case studies for MBA courses

Professor David Teece launched and directs the Tusher Initiative.
Please click here for information about Professor Teece.