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Directory of Research and Programs in Technology Development and Management

The Institute supports leading programs in the Management of Technology and other technology-related activities. Please click on a link below to learn more about our major programs:

Please see the Institute’s Events and Student Support pages for more programs in Technology Development and Management. These programs are housed and supported in the Institute of Management, Innovation, and Organization as described in About the Institute.

Fisher Center for Management and Technology

The Fisher Center for Management and Technology, previously known as the Fisher Center for the Strategic Use of Information Technology, promotes interaction between corporate executives including CIO-level managers and U. C. Berkeley faculty and students through the many programs and services within U. C. Berkeley and the Haas School of Business. For example, the Fisher Center supports the annual student-led >play: the Berkeley Digital Media Conference. The Fisher Center serves professional and academic communities of interest in information technology by promoting dynamic interactions between corporate practice, research, and instruction, and by encouraging the professional development of participating information technology professionals, students, and faculty.

For more information on the Fisher Center, please visit the Center website or contact the Executive Director, Jim Spitze, at

Center for Telecommunications & Digital Convergence

The Center for Telecommunications and Digital Convergence (CTDC), established in 1996, is a research and outreach program designed to help business and governmental organizations understand the sweeping developments taking place in telecommunications markets - including networked multimedia - and to use that understanding to attain competitive advantage and implement sound public policies. CTDC bridges the gap between university researchers and the business and regulatory communities. In addition, CTDC brings together members of the converging computer, telecommunications, and electronic media industries to discuss the complex and contentious issues that confront them in a neutral forum with the benefit of objective and impartial analyses.

CTDC also concentrates on critical issues in telecommunications convergence facing industry, government, and the international research community. The pressures of technological exchange and the massive regulatory reform started by the 1996 Telecommunications Act raise questions about important aspects of public policy, including the role of competition in ensuring socially desirable outcomes and the proper manner of regulating telecommunications networks as they become increasingly intertwined with computers.

For more information on the CTDC, please visit the Center website or contact the Director, Michael Katz, at

Center for Research in Telecommunications Policy

The Center for Research on Telecommunications Policy (CRTP) is a multi-university research and outreach program designed to foster business and public policy research on communications issues of regional, national and international importance. Drawing from the fields of economics, business, and public policy, Center research is distinguished by exploring the interactions between business decisions of major telecommunications firms and regulatory, legislative and antitrust developments.

CCRTP provides support for a variety of programs:

For more information on the CRTP, please visit the Center website or contact the Director, Glenn Woroch, at

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