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ICC at Oxford University Press

Founded in 1992, Industrial and Corporate Change (ICC) represents a uniquely international cooperative venture in academic journal publication. Sponsored by the Institute of Management, Innovation and Organization, in collaboration with the ICC Association, Milan, and the Free University Carlo Cattaneo at Castellanza, Italy (LIUC), ICC is published by Oxford University Press. Its editors reside at IMIO, the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex, and LIUC. IMIO acts to coordinate ICC operations and to implement editors' directives and policies with Oxford University Press. IMIO, with Josef Chytry as Managing Editor, provides staff and editorial support for the solicitation, processing and organization of papers. Since 1999 ICC has published six issues per year.

In peer review ratings, SSCI recently listed ICC's impact factor as 25th (out of 172) in Economics and would have ranked it as 15th (out of 67) in Management had the journal been included in that category (it is planned that ICC will be included in future SSCI Management rankings).

ICC aims to stimulate research and discussion on global business enterprise as it relates to change. Created to provide a forum where business historians connect their analyses to the state of the art in the relevant social sciences, ICC also encourages social scientists to apply their models to historical evidence. ICC draws on an interdisciplinary set of approaches and theories, including business history, industrial organization, strategic management, innovation studies, organizational behavior, economics, political science, organizational psychology, and sociology. The journal's scope embraces the internal structure of firms, the history of technologies, the evolution of industries, the nature of competititon, the sociology of management and of the workforce, the performance of industries over time, the labor process and the organization of production, the boundaries of organizations and markets, and the nature of the learning process underlying technological and organizational change.

ICC also publishes a variety of books through Oxford University Press. Previous titles include such ICC collections as Giovanni Dosi, David Teece and Josef Chytry (editors), Technology, Organization and Competitiveness (1998), and Understanding Industrial and Corporate Change (2005); Oxford University Press is presently preparing a Chinese-language edition of the former book to be published by Shanghai People's Press.  Also special issues published in ICC often become Oxford books, such as the ICC special issue on transaction cost economics (ICC 5:2 [1996]) which was subsequently published as Glenn R. Carroll and David J. Teece (editors), Firms, Markets, and Hierarchies: The Transaction Cost Economics Perspective (1999).

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