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  • Can Corporations Be Taught to Innovate Like Startups?

    HypershiftIn their new book, Hypershift, Lester Center executive director Andre Marquis and Senior Fellow Manav Subodh share how big companies can tap the innovation secrets of Berkeley-Haas startups to enter new markets, establish brand leadership, and unlock value. Read more.

  • Applied Innovation and Design Kicks Off at Berkeley

    Sara BeckmanAt the inaugural conference of the Berkeley Roundtable on Applied Innovation and Design, founded by Sara Beckman (pictured) and Dave Rochlin, EWMBA students applied skills learned in the core Problem Finding, Problem Solving course to develop solutions for PayPal and other companies. “I was impressed by all of the student teams’ ability to apply design thinking” said Hisham Ibrahim, director of product innovation at PayPal. “They brought customer empathy to the problem, re-framed it, and rapidly iterated potential solutions.” Read more.

  • Berkeley Founders Get Funded

    Entrepreneurs with UC-Berkeley undergraduate degrees founded 284 companies that received $2.4 billion in VC financing from 2009 through August, 2014, according to PitchBook. UCB’s ranking was second only to Stanford and above that of MIT or Harvard. Read more.

  • Andreessen Horowitz Partner Scott Kupor Joins Haas

    Scott KuporScott Kupor, managing partner and COO at Andreessen Horowitz—the VC firm that’s invested in such social media powerhouses as Twitter and Facebook—joins Haas as an executive-in-residence. Scott is co-teaching the spring MBA Entrepreneurship class with Carl Nichols. Read more.

  • Smart Cities through Open Innovation

    Solomon DarwinStudents in Garwood Center executive director Solomon Darwin’s Smart Cities class will prepare smart city proposals for five Bay Area cities. They have completed a field trip to India and now will engage with the mayors’ offices to find reductions in cost, pollution, traffic and waste, and increases in productivity and revenue. Read more.

  • Eat, Drink and be a Foodie

    Sohyeoug KimInstitute postdoc Sohyeoung Kim is a guest instructor in a new student-initiated Sociology class: Social and Cultural Innovations in the Coffee & Wine industries. Students learn about the historical and contemporary issues of coffee and wine, dining and drinking culture. Read more.

  • Open Innovation an Ingredient in Chez Panisse’s Success

    Henry ChesbroughA case study in California Management Review found that Alice Waters’ success was built upon open innovation, where a community of collaborators – employees, suppliers, customers, and even competitors – benefit from sharing ideas and building relationships with external teams. The study was authored by Henry Chesbrough and Sohyeoung Kim of the Center for Corporate Innovation and Alice Agogino from Mechanical Engineering. Read more.

  • Undergrads Innovate with Watson Supercomputer

    IBM WatsonA Berkeley team of 3 Haas and 3 engineering students are heading to IBM Watson’s headquarters in New York City on January 9 to test the mettle of a new patent application it developed in the Center for Innovation’s “Leveraging IBM Watson” course. The team will vie against nine other teams in the national competition for a prize of $100,000. Read more.